Core work resources

  • Code-of-conduct – all members must sign a code of conduct that addresses inclusivity and diversity, mental health, publications or outputs, social media use, working hours, and vacation
  • Communication plan and expectations, e.g. how do members communicate with each other and what times are appropriate
    • Communication expectations such as email response hours, open-door office policies, interaction on internet forums, etc should be discussed between student and advisor – A code-of-conduct or Mentoring Agreement could include these expectations as suggested above.

  • UCLA conference fund: UCLA Doctoral Student Travel Grants for Conferences, Professional Development and Off-Campus Research (DTG)
    • Every graduate student is provided with up to $1000 in travel funds for graduate students to use for professional development purposes (conferences, workshops, etc)
  • UCLA Division of Physical Sciences provides up to $5000 funding for student participation in diversity conferences. Requests for funding should be made through the department representatives on the Physical Science Diversity Committee.
  • Funding and attendance expectations needs to be expressed by the advisor. This could be included in a group code-of-conduct or a Mentoring Agreement. 
  • Students and advisors should be open to some of the listed smaller conferences or workshops, where the focus may be more on professional development for underrepresented groups, and increasing the professional voice of underrepresented groups.