Student/Advisor Mentoring plan

  • Individual/Group meeting expectations (interval/frequency, journal articles, presentations, socializing, time management, reviewing manuscripts, revising manuscripts/dealing with rejection, careers, current events, media requests)
    • Expectations decided upon within each individual research group. It is up to the students and their advisor to express and set these expectations. A resource for these expectations may lie within a group code of conduct or mentoring agreement, as suggested below. 
  • Outline expectations for taking vacation (e.g., 3 weeks) and for reasonable work hours (e.g., 40-50 hrs/wk; be explicit!)
  • Evaluations: rubric, frequency for advisor/committee evaluations, encourage self-evaluation (reflection) and review long term goals and how to achieve them
    • Student and Advisor must complete an annual end of the year review to discuss and document degree progress