Skillset support resources

  • What skills or experiences are required for their work/coursework? e.g., driving, hiking/outdoors activities, compass/GPS navigation, swimming/SCUBA, operating power tools, first aid, software development, safety training, lab skills, machine shop skills etc.
    • UCLA EPSS geology majors are required to lead a lot of field work involving hiking, camping, driving department vehicles, and navigation skills. 
  • What skills training is supported through the organization, how would someone acquire/improve these skills? What training is available prior to arrival?
    • UCLA EPSS does not necessarily offer or require any skill training. Your advisor may provide you with funding for skill developing workshops – you will need to stay vigilant for opportunities like this – if your group creates a code of conduct – this could be a great resource that lays out workshops. 
    • UCLA Field Research mailing list gives info about Field Training courses offered by UCLA as well as outside courses. Email Claudia Alli ( for more information.
    • For statistical help and support with data analysis:
  • Do they need to know how to code? If so, what languages? (e.g., R, Matlab, Python) If they do not have this skill, what resources/training are available?
    • UCLA offers workshops on almost any digital skills e.g. Python, ArcGIS:
    • UCLA: offers a free Matlab license, offers free codings workshops through the UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education, has coding classes through the Computer Sciences department or many departments have classes that use coding and are somewhat introductory
    • Tutorial on Machine Learning and Deep Learning for the Environmental and Geosciences: AGU_MLtutorial_2020.mp4
    • Matlab Onramp: MATLAB Onramp – MATLAB & Simulink Tutorial 
    • Python Basics for Geoscientists: General info

Python for Geosciences Tutorials on github: koldunovn/python_for_geosciences: Introduction to python use in geosciences.